Revolutionized Security Systems

Technological advances have revolutionized security systems in the last few years. They are now smarter, more efficient and make your facility safer than thought possible just a few years ago. The future in security systems is here and it is now just a matter of taking a look at the various components available to help determine which ones fit best with your needs. Arksego is a highly reputable, Nigerian owned security service provider who provides more than just security risk management. They know what components can make up a good security system. Arksego says to consider certain options like Closed Circuit Television or IP surveillance to monitor the premises. They also suggest looking into video analytics software and extensive alarm systems and monitoring in order to ensure the proper actions are taken in case an alarm is set off.

Arksego was founded in 1980 in Lagos, Nigeria, where it’s headquarters are still located today. As a security provider that focuses on security risk management, the company has grown to employ over 6,000 people and provide a variety of security services that can be tailor made to fit clients needs, based on the project. Arksego now offers their integrated electronic security system, also known as ESS. Arksego’s team will design install and integrate an electronic security system into your facility.

The core elements of this system are risk assessment and system design, procurement and supply of project electronic components, installation and commissioning, and maintenance and an inspection servicing contract. The system will monitor for fires and intruders and will be monitored by an Arksego team themselves, although Arksego is also capable of training a facilities staff to operate and monitor the system themselves. This system is beneficial because it allows Arksego to offer both a human touch and electronic surveillance option to their security services. This is also beneficial for companies who need the protection of their facilities 24/7.

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