Robert Frost


Robert Frost was born March 26 1874 in San Francisco California. In 1885 he moved to Massachusetts after his fathers death. frost grew up in the rural part of the city which would later inspire many poems from him. Frost attended Harvard from 1897-1899. After Frost Graduated his grandfather bought a farm. Frost left Massachusetts to work on his grandfathers farm. He worked on the farm for 9 years. He wrote early in the mornings so he could still write. From 1921-1961 frost was a teacher in Middle Barry College. He then returned to Boston were he died January 29 1963.

Frost began writing at a young age and sold his first poem in 1884 for $15 ($409 today). In 1906 he became an English teacher. In 1912 frost sailed to Great Britain and wrote many poems. In 1924 he won the Pulitzer prize for his book, New Hampshire. In 1961 he read his well known poem The gift out-right at the inauguration  of John. F. Kennedy. He died 2 years later  .           The Telephone by Robert Frost

"When I was just as far as I could walk From here today, There was an hour All still When leaning with my head against a flower I heard you talk. Don't say I didn't, for I heard you say-- You spoke from that flower on the windowsill-- Do you remember what it was you said?"

"First tell me what it was you thought you heard."

"Having found the flower and driven a bee away, I leaned my head, And holding by the stalk, I listened and I thought I caught the word-- What was it? Did you call me by my name? Or did you say-- Someone said 'Come'--I heard it as I bowed."

"I may have thought as much, but not aloud."

"Well, so I came."ears later.