Little Artists ~ Big Ideas

Upside-down Drawings

Claudia ~ Year Five

In this activity, the students were learning to access their visual discrimination skills and shape recognition. To do this, the students were asked to complete their entire drawing upside-down. Students first selected a photograph to work from. Then, using powdered graphite the covered their page to give middle tone from which to work. Students then loosely sketched the face shape and marked in where the facial features would go. Then, using blu-tac the students erased parts of the graphite to show where the highlights appeared on the face. Next, students used 4B and 6B pencils to shade in the darkest tones. When all light, middle and dark tones were complete, the students then went on with drawing the shapes as they appears in the photograph. By having the image and artwork upside-down, the students were better able to draw what was in front of them, rather than what they thought an eye, nose of mouth "should" look like.

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