Poetry Sound Devices

by: M.J. T.W.
(Micah and Thomas)

Paraphrase of this poem: You have to cross three fields tell you get to the farm. You knock on door to get directions. You hear the scratch of foot print on wood and then you see the light of a match.

Examples of Onomatopoeia: The examples of Onomatopoeia are the words tap, scratch, and spurt.

Other Sound Devices: Other sound devices used in this poem is rhyme. This poem rhymed the 2 words scratch and match. It also had a bit of rhythm to it.

Paraphrase the Poem: This poem means that sadness is a terrible thing and it's comparing sadness to other bad things or other uncomfortable feelings.

Examples of Similes: It says that Sadness is as tough as an elephant's trunk and that it's as rough as the sea on a windy day.

Other Sound Devices used: This poem uses Rhyme, Rhythm, and Alliteration.

Paraphrase the poem: I think this poem is suggesting that if you get a pet, you'll regret it.

Examples of a Assonance: This poem uses cry and eye, down and grounded, and Kong fu and do.

Other Sound Devices used: This poem also uses rhyming because it rhymes the words head and dead, rear and ear, and regrets and pets.

Paraphrase the Poem: A child didn't do his homework , so he blames his dog and makes up excuses.

Examples of Rhythm: Each stanza has 4 lines in it and almost each line has rhythm with the others like the Stanza "I saw this wasn't going well,

I didn't want to fell,

Before she had the chance to talk;

I added another tale"

Other Sound Devices: This poem also has Rhyme and Assonance

Paraphrase the Poem: I think this is about two children who made plans to race sticks down the current of a creek and continue doing it all day.

Examples of Repetition: This poem says Let's 11 times, an average of 3 times in each 4 line stanza.

Other Sound Devices: In this poem there is also the Sound Devices Rhyme and Alliteration. Examples of rhyme are; day and away. Examples of Alliteration are; planned and understand, and clear and here.

Paraphrase the poem: This is a silly poem about a man who claims he is the dirtiest man in the world.

Examples of Hyperbole: In the poem it says that you can't see his shirt because its so covered in dirt and that he's the dirtiest man in the world.

Other Sound Devices: This poem also uses Rhyme and Rhythm. It Rhymes the words shirt and dirt, flower and shower, and the words man and Dan. It also has Rhythm with the Rhyming.

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