Ireland's night ...

I'll be talking about our trip to Ireland.

  To go in Ireland, we took the boat. We stayed one night and half a day on the boat. So, we had to occupy us.

At a point, we were ten students in a boat's cabin. We laughed a lot.

Normally we had to sleep on the boat but we were not tired : we did a sleepless night. We talked and laughed a lot.

The boat trip is one of the best moment of this journey.

  Every night, we went to the beach. We joined the others students. We danced, talked, laughed, sang ... ! Also, I have to say that some crazy people went swimming to the sea at 9 p.m ! I think the sea was at 10 degrees or less !!

The "beach party" is an other good memory but every day was good. I have a lot of memories !

Thank you so much !!!

The photo is Portmarnock's beach.

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