Arbor Scientific Pull-Back Cars

Quality Control Activity


Each participant in your lab group will be playing the role of a quality control engineer, whose job description may include “taking part in the design and evaluation of a product” and being “responsible for making sure that the materials meet the requisite standards and that the equipment works correctly” ( Each group will serve as a team of quality control engineers who were instructed to design and conduct test on these cars to determine if Arbor Scientific should continue selling them.

Your Job

Your team will be given a few Arbor Scientific Pull-Back cars. It is your responsibility to address the following four questions about the car:

  • 1. How consistent is the distance an individual pull-back car travels after being pulled back a specified distance?
  • 2. How consistent is the amount of time an individual pull-back car travels after being pulled back a specific distance?
  • 3. How straight does an individual pull-back car travel?
  • 4. Do all pull-back cars behave similarly?

How do you do this?

To do this your group will be designing a separate experiment to answer each question, conducting the trials, analyzing the results, summarizing your findings and reporting the results to the class. Finally, your group will be asked whether or not you would recommend the use of these cars.

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