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If students have their own tackk account using their own email address, how will the teacher have access to the work (except the direct url)? Will it show up on the teacher's tackkboard if the student adds the teacher's account? Such as @dstinstructionaltechnnology

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3 years ago

Hi there! Great question. You will get notified if a student adds your account name in their Tackk, but the Tackk will not show up on your profile. Only Tackks you create will appear under your profile.

The best way to access student Tackks is to designate a tag that students can add directly in the body of the Tackk, or under 'Tackk options' in the editor. For example, if you ask students to include #dsttech to each Tackk, it will then auto-populate on that board (i.e., You then have one URL that's constantly being updated which you can monitor.

Here are a few examples of teachers using tags: and

We're also working on launching teacher accounts later this school year which will make Tackking even easier so stay tuned!

Hope that helps. Any more questions, just let me know. :)

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