Journal of the Civil War

By: John Smith

April 30, 1861

It is April 10th and I've joined the Union army. I'm sorry but I had to do what was right and fight for everyone's rights no matter their race. I'm apart of the 2oth regiment of Maine. We move out next week headed for the south. We are camped outside Manasas waiting to attack. I'm scared and I don't want to die, but I have to fight for what I think is right. I will fight with all my heart to teach those rebs whats right.

John Smith

Everybody sad, everything is gray, the war life is bad.

May 2, 1861

John: You know I’m fit to be tied with you.

Gracie: Well I hope you get hit by a hornet.

John: Well I’m just toeing the mark, and I want you to get whipped though.

Gracie: I’m going to stab you with an arkansas toothpick in the bread basket.

John: If you get the quick steps I would laugh.

Gracie: As a matter of fact I’m as fit as a fiddle

John: Well you ain't my possum.

Gracie: At least I ain't uppity.

John: I was still the top rail #1

Gracie:You better skedaddle before you get hard knocks.

John: Yeah well you’re a kid glove boy, sunday soldier who fights like a sawbone.

John Smith

May 8, 1861

Dear Mary,

I've really missed you, but I'm doing well. Our camp is set up outside of Washington waiting for our next attack. I like our camp everything is kept in order. When you get up you drill and train with your company, then you do your chores, and after that you drill some more. My chores are fun, I am on guard duty, other than that I have to shine my shoes, comb my hair, and clean my gun. It is nice and organized here. I am afraid of screwing up and getting punished though. They could make you wear a barrel one day or put you on guard duty with a log instead of a gun, but I will just be extra careful not to mess up.


                                                                                                         John Smith

The image of a tree every morning that I awake.

Interview with Jeremiah

Andrew, Max, and Kyle

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Jeremiah when you chose to join the confederate army, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: My mother assured me that she would be alright, and my brother wanted me to help the country I felt that I had no other choice.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life that you wished you would have done different?

Jeremiah: I should have stayed with my mom so she wouldn't die without any loved ones.

Jeremiah, what did seeing all of those dead soldiers lying in the battlefield make you think?

Jeremiah: Well, at first I wasn't thinking about it, but later it made me realize that I could have taken one of those lives and made that persons family without  brother or father.

I love to play a good game of cards in my free time.

Dear Joe,

I regret to inform you that I am very ill. We were eating my favorite, hardtack. The cook had it all dried out and I took my first bite of that dried out Delicious bread, and there must have been a worm inside. Besides that, camp life is very good, in my free time I do a lot of things, but my favorite is gambling on lice races. Lice races are were we put two lice on a plate and bet on which one will get to the other side quicker. Other than the food and the entertainment camp life is pretty good. I look forward to seeing you after the war.



Union Fight Song

We see them rebs, marching up the hill

We aim our rifles and take em' all down

After the battle we all chant away,

We're the mighty Union army, Hurrah Hurrah

Nobody can take us down, Hurrah Hurrah

We all march down these narrow roads

While on the dusty, rocky trails

We all chant away,

We're the mighty Union army, Hurrah Hurrah

Nobody can take us down, Hurrah Hurrah

Go Union!

My regiment getting ready for a battle.

June 1, 1864

Diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, everybody's got something. The camp runs wild with people that are sick. It is just sick to see people walking and moaning. The groans and smells that come from the hospital tent will drive you away faster than a rattle snake in the bathtub. The army needs to hire some real nice doctors that know what the're doing.

Home sweet home.

April 10, 1865

General Lee surrendered to General Grant yesterday. I am free from the army. Free from the camps. I will soon return to my family, and my friends. We have won the war, but slavery has not been abolished. I am waiting for Abe Lincoln to finally create the 13th amendment and abolish slavery to solidify what we all fought for. I was only hit once throughout the war, and that only grazed my ear. I am very happy that I was not wounded badly.


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