Narrative Fiction

Brainstorming and Writing Strategies

After having read a narrative fiction novel in class, it is your task to begin organizing, planning, and developing your own short fictional story. Below you will find tips and activities to prepare you for your own creative writing assignment.

Pieces of a Short Story

Below you will find a button to a blog about a writer's creative writing process. Think about how she approaches writing and then think about what your process should look like.

Take a look at this document and when you are finished viewing this Tackk, go into Google Classroom to download your own and begin planning out your story.

Start with Setting

The button below will take you to Storyboard, a digital tool that will help you imagine and create the setting to your story. Think about when, where, how, and why your setting is the way it is in your short story. Since this is the first time we have looked at Storyboard, you will need to create an account. Be sure to use your email account and the password the school has assigned you to that account to make it easier to remember.

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