Mr.Pitts Summer fun!

Summer School is fun!In the morning we will sometimes do a math pact and then play on on our  Chromebooks. Then we  go to reassess after reassess we wait for  lunch.Then electives.

Me at Warren Hills


My favorite elective is cheer leading we  learn fun cheers and dance.One of my favorite cheers was  victory we say give my a V dot that I circle that C TORY victory (clap 3 times) victory (clap 3 times) and that's the cheer.

Warren Hills


My second favorite elective is are you game.We get to play on our Chromebooks.Playing board  games are fun also.I usually play prodigy or cool math.On prodigy I battle monsters each time I cast a spell I half to answer a problem if I get it right the spell works if I get it wrong   


My third favorite elective is arts & crafts.We made Egyptians

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