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SMS Superior Maintenance Solutions has been a member of the Restaurant Facility Maintenance Association for over three years. Below is an extended history on recent events within the past decade at RFMA, who SMS Superior Maintenance Solutions is proudly a part of:

“… it was determined that an organization just for restaurant facility directors could indeed help them to guide their own individual chains in keeping overhead down as new restaurants were added.

SMS Superior Maintenance Solutions knew they couldn’t start an association swiftly enough on their own, so they chose Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) as a partner in helping them set up RFMA. "We thought we could learn the most from PRSM,” says Jeff Dover, Chairman of the RFMA Board of Directors, "because most retail chains deal with many of the same facility issues as restaurant chains.” RFMA and PRSM signed an agreement in July 2004 and then got right to work planning RFMA’s first National Conference, which was held jointly with PRSM’s National Conference in Las Vegas. In April, 2005, 140 attendees, representing more than 75,000 restaurants, participated in RFMA ’05, the first official gathering of the Restaurant Facility Maintenance Association.

RFMA has an active Board of Directors, an Executive Director, an Education & Membership Manager, a Member Services Coordinator and three busy committees. In fall of 2010 RFMA launched our own official publication, The Facilitator.

Association membership continues to grow as RFMA reaches out to restaurant groups of all sizes, as well as national and regional service providers. As membership grows, so will the services available to members and the events and opportunities for education and networking. We invite you to join RFMA and get connected today!!”

Lone Survivor Foundation

The Lone Survivor Foundation is a non-profit organization that attempts to empower, restore, and renew hope for service members who have been wounded and their families, by providing wellness, health, and therapeutic services. There is a genuine need for such services today as the United States military is stationed and fighting on multiple fronts, has been since the early 1990s. Lone Survivor Foundation provides services that help service member’s transition to their post-military life. Often connecting service members with each other is the best method of doing so.

Getting involved with the Lone Survivor Foundation is easy and can be done in many ways. You can attend an event that is being held in your local area and raise money or make a donation for the Lone Survivor Foundation. You can also directly donate on their website or create your "fundraising page" via the Lone Survivor Foundation website. All the proceeds from your "fundraising page" will go directly to the foundation. You can host an event yourself and advertise or partner directly with the Foundation, or you can volunteer your time. Volunteer information can be found on the Lone Survivor Foundation Website.

SMS Superior Maintenance Solutions is a maintenance and management company based in Washington. They provide over 62 services including landscaping, janitorial work, and remodeling work to clients all over the country. They utilize a network of vendors that they have vetted for quality and reliability to assist customers all over the United States. They make significant contributions to the Lone Survivor Foundation and fully support the Foundation’s mission and purpose.

Kitchen Remodeling Pointers

Remodeling a kitchen is a very serious project to undertake and one that you need to do right the first time. It is costly so it's likely that you will only get to remodel your kitchen once. You have to consider a lot of things when remodeling your kitchen including lighting, storage, and functionality. It can be an overwhelming process but a rewarding one if done right. Here are a few pointers for when you remodel your kitchen.

  • Make sure that you have the right amount of power outlets and enough power resources for all of your kitchen appliances. This is an easy thing to look over because often it seems like a given, but it is something that you need to pay attention to. This means ensuring that you have the right gas and power lines installed and that your appliances fit correctly so that they are not cutting off any power sources.
  • When choosing a counter surface, choose one that is easy to work on and easy to clean. Don’t be afraid to add in too much counter space either because there is never enough counter space.
  • When remodeling your kitchen, you might as well buy new appliances. Old appliances will clearly not belong in your new kitchen, and it's best to buy appliances that fit the new modern feel of your remodeled kitchen.

SMS Superior Maintenance Solutions is a facilities management and maintenance services company that provides its clients with over 60 different services. They are located in the state of Washington but are able to serve clients all over the United States thanks to a network of vetted vendors that they use. One of the many services that they offer is kitchen maintenance and remodeling.

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