Haiti in the 1960's

By:Joshua Johnson

The life of francois Duvalier

papa doc was Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1907, Francois Duvalier had a front seat for Latin American political turmoil,He also studied medicine and President Dumarsais Estimé appointed him director general of the National Public Health Service in 1946. When Estimé was overthrown, Duvalier organized a resistance and was elected president in 1957. He operated a regime of terror, causing nearly 30,000 deaths.

This picture is about haitians leaving haiti because of papa docs rules and laws

People leaving Haiti cause of François Duvalier ruling

it was during this period that Duvalier created an organization directly responsible to him, the Tontons Macoutes also known as "Bogeymen" the Haitian version of a secret police. Through the late 1950s to the middle 1960s this force continued to grow and was responsible for terrorizing and assassinating anyone thought to be an opponent of Duvalier. In the 1961 elections Duvalier altered the ballots to have his name placed at the top. Afterward he announced that his victory gave him six more years in office.Latin Americans witnessed many fake elections but none will have been more crazy than the one which has just taken place in Haiti.

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