Obama, Kerry: No U.S. troops will be sent into combat against ISIS in Iraq, Syria


Obama claims that no American troops will need to fight in ground in the Isis war. In general, the president means to step out of the war because it is not our own a and that other countries should earn their own freedom. Obama states that we should simply assist and that we have enough allies to successfully fight Isis without engaging in ground combat. Posted by http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/17/politics/obama-isis/


This event is related to war and hate. The Isis war is related to war because, as the name says, is related to war as it is a large scale conflict being resolved through military means. Many people are dying and Obama wants to keep as many from dying as possible. Obama is trying to keep the peace and not get to involved. Many people feel the same. As to hate, the Isis group is killing a bunch of people who don't believe in the same religion. People are angry and want Isis gone and vis versa.

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