Mala Rodriguez

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Maria Rodriguez, Born February 13, 1979 she became involved with the city's thriving hip-hop scene as a teenager. She is from Jerez De La Frontera, Cadiz and grew up in the city Seville. Her stage name is La Mala Rodriguez, she went big in 2000 when she released her full-length debut album, Lujo Ibérico. The album went gold and sold over 50,000 copies. Her hip-hop songs are greatly influenced by flamenco music. Her songs often discuss issues such as poverty, racism and female empowerment

Plaza de la Yerba jerez de la frontera, Maria's hometown.
Map of where Maria grew up, In Seville.

3 Facts about Maria

  1. At age seventeen, she performed onstage for the first time, and adopted the stage name La Mala
  2. she describes herself as being from a middle-class family, "My mother and I are both young, and all I know is that my family experienced hunger back then, and that sticks with you. I didn't grow up with luxury, but I never missed a meal either."
  3. Her mom is a hairdresser.

5 important facts about her career

1)Her first album went gold and sold over 50,000 copies

2)she is signed to Universal Music Spain

3)Her hip-hop songs is influenced by flamenco music.

4)Her songs are featured on the soundtrack for FIFA 2005, Scarface The World is Yours, and Need for Speed.

5)Latin Grammy Award-winning Spanish hip hop singer

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