Teddy Bears

Natelyn Moore

In the country of Germany, October 1902, Richard Steiff, a toy designer, went to a touring American circus in search for an idea for a new toy. During the circus, he noticed a hourde of performing bears. During this, it sparked the idea. Steiff wanted to make a toy bear. Meanwhile, in Mississippi, Theodore Roosevelt was trying to settle a dispute between Luisiana and Mississippi. He went hunting with a few natives from in Mississippi. When he couldn't find anything worth hunting, one of his allies found a lost bear cub wandering the forest and tied it to a tree. Roosevelt refused to shoot the cub, saying it was "unsportsmanlike."

The next day, a cartoonist named Clifford Barryman composted a cartoon montage entitled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi" in which he included the incident. The cartoon was issued in the papers all over and inspired Brooklyn candy store owner, Morris Michtom. He quickly made up a pattern and his wife, Rose Michtom, sewed together a little stuffed bear cub. They put two of these little bears on display in their store windows and they immediately became popular.

The Teddy Bear hasn't done much in evolution, though Teddy Bear Museums have become popular.


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