Wedding Day Agenda

9:30 am Help Adrienne unload and check into hotel

Starbucks anyone?!

10:30 am Time to get our hairs did (Order: Adrienne, Ashely, Rashelle)

Don't forget to put your face on

11:00 pm Lunch and mimosas

Bridesmaids get dressed before 2:30 pm

2:45 pm Getting ready photos

3:15 pm Walk to park

3:30 pm Photos in park

4:30 pm Pickup to go to brewery

5:00 pm Decorate, get a snack and drink, pictures

6:00 pm Guests arriving, time to hide

6:30 pm Wedding time

7:00 pm Toasts on patio while PBC staff set up inside

7:30 pm Grab some grub

9:00 pm First dance

Dance the night away

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