Design Principals

The 6 principals of design are Balance, Proximity/Unity, Alignment, Repetition/Consistency, Contrast, White Space.  

The picture above can be used to describe balance. Balance in design can be described as having equal amounts of information on each page. And making sure that the graphics don't overpower the text. An example of Balance is putting matching text boxes at the top and bottom of a publication.
This an example of good balance. It shows who Henry VI was.

Above is an example of good and bad proximity. The example for bad proximity is shown on the left. It's scattered and hard to understand. The one on the right is better because its all together and understandable

This shows repetition.  

This shows alignment. Alignment is the justification of elements,Related items should be justified the same to emphasize their relationship to each other. The top is an example of poor alignment.

Balance is the use of color and size to emphasize the most important elements on a page.