Lenin (Revolutionary)

Lenin had a vision of a communist and socialist Russia. While he told everyone that Russia should belong to the people and be ruled by the people, it was really just a front for dictatorship. Previously, many aspects of Russian communism was ruled, regulated, and restricted by government control. Secret police ran amuck, excess food was given to the government to distribute, and people were not given much oppurtunity to participate in government activities. However,Lenin and his hatred for strict and corrupt governments came along and started a revolution to overthrow the crown and inefficient governments. Even with his revolutionary ideas, famine and disease was rampant among peasants and almost cost him another revolution, similar to the one he had started. He also had to resort to a small amount of capitalism to help counteract the poverty in Russia. He ultimately suffered and died from two strokes and led his legacy to be completed by Trotsky or Stalin.

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