There are so many weapons, which are used against us and they come in many forms. Protect yourselves and your loved ones, for you have the greatest weapon your faith.

You have God at the helm, in control of the army in which you are resupplied.

Should you not give up on him, I guarantee he will not give up on you.

We are all living proof!


The politics behind which religion is correct or if religion is correct is just a distraction!

Look around you; is the sight of our loved ones not beautiful?

Our creations!

Life we created and all must do is protect, love, nurture our creations to the best of our ability and then let it grow.

We have the greatest weapon against any man-made weapon.

Poverty, wage stagnation, income inequality, unemployment, underemployment and racial injustice just to name a few, have created a host of moral dilemmas, pitting one against another.

These are all man-made weapons!

Don’t let them break you!

We must and we will, all overcome!

Fight with ever fiber within you, not to succumb to these man-made weapon which is robbing you of your faith, dignity and life.

We are our brothers and sisters keeper, for we are all brothers and sisters.

I give the world 6, I shall rest and give him 1.