The Easy and Convenient SneakPeek Early Gender Test

SneakPeek Early Gender Test makes it easy for expectant parents to plan ahead for their baby’s arrival. The SneakPeek Early Gender Test involves evaluating fetal DNA that is present in the expectant mother’s bloodstream. Advanced instruments in a high-tech laboratory are able to detect the Y chromosome, which indicates a male child. Whether or not this chromosome is present in a sample reveals whether the baby is a boy or a girl with 99 percent accuracy.

Unlike other forms of genetic or diagnostic testing, SneakPeek only requires a few drops of the pregnant woman’s blood as the testing sample. Taking the sample involves a simple finger stick, making it easy to perform in the privacy of one’s own home. There is no doctor’s office visit required.

The expectant mother then mails the sample to the laboratory in a collection tube specially designed for that purpose. At the lab, technicians use state-of-the-art genetic technology to determine whether the unborn baby is a boy or a girl. Parents conveniently receive the results either in 12 or 24 hours by email depending on which test option they order.