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What have I assessed?

After having a look to different ebooks I would like to share with you my evaluation about one of them that I really like it.

In order to evaluate it I have taken into account different items that are quality content, multimedia, accesibility, innovation, originality and other points that I would like to mention.

Let's see!

One important point

I have assessed an ebook about music. This ebook is intended to young learners because it is full of colour and images. The ebook is called "How to choose a musical instrument" by Biljana Krstic, Maja Krstic and Sandy Peteres. It has different lessons about different instruments. For example, the piano and the guitar.

Quality content grade: 2/3


It includes multimedia through real videos playing the different instruments and games to make students entertain.  This point make it attractive and engaging.

Multimedia grade: 2/3

Screenshot taken from: Learn about the piano

Something very helpful to young learners

The ebook has a license that we can clearly see at the beginning.

A special character

It has a host called Maya. This make young students feel identified with her. She is in every lesson, all the lessons are explained as she was talking.

It also includes printable activities very helpful to practice with writing and to let students draw.

Last grades

Finally, a good point is the link to other web pages where young learners can deeply learn about musical instruments. The websites that appear on this ebook has different task, for example, there are websites where learners can make their own  instruments or another where they can listen classic music.

In spite of all the good points mentioned before, the ebook is not adapted to students with intellectual or visual disability. The ebook should include some listening point in order to make children be able to listen the information.

Innovation and originality grade: 1/3

Accesibility grade: 1/3


This is a good ebook to learn about musical instruments. Even though is very colourful and attractive through the use of gifs and different images, it would be better if the ebook include another innovative resources and the lack of resources and applications to help students with special needs is an important point to improve.

Finally, I would like to say that by having a look to different ebooks and analysing them I have learnt that create and ebook it's a difficult task that takes a long time but if you are creative and take your time to do it, it can be a really helpful tool to the students.

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