Neighborhood Snow Shoveling!

          Hi! My name is Max D. Chances are we live in the same neighborhood, or next to the same neighborhood. But, I'm putting out these flyers so I can shovel your driveway for you. The cost would be a simple $5-$10 dollars per driveway. Usually just $5.00. But if you have a very long driveway I can do the whole thing, but for $10 dollars. My experience in snow shoveling is pretty good. It's hard work on your back and a good workout. I shovel my own driveway every time it gets up to 3 inches so my mom can go to work in the morning. If you are interested in letting me shovel your driveway for just $5.00, please call. I am usually available every Tuesday and Thursday (I have basketball coming up so schedule might change). Thank you for reading this and have a great day.