Five Things to do During IPL

The world cup frenzy has just ended and all Indians are heartbroken as India was unable to bag the cup this year. However, their waned spirits have just received a teaser with the announcement of IPL this summer.

IPL stands for Indian Premier League. It is a championship tournament wherein eight teams content against each other to win the title of IPL. With several young contenders contesting matches and players taking an aggressive stance in each match, the games goes on becoming exciting.

You can witness this adrenalin pumping action in IPL right at the stadium or from comforts of your home. Here are five things to make your IPL experience truly amazing.

1> Cheer your Team

Cheerleaders are a common scene in these international grade matches. Yet if you want to preserve the spirit of the last six or four, then grab those fancy shoes and don the look of your favourite team, and start cheering. In the beginning, your moves might not be welcomed, but they will soon get refined and cherished with the game.

2> Participate in Contests

Contests are common during this adrenalin gushing season of rapid cricket. During this time, several sports channels and sponsor hold contests and offers. For instance, one such IPL sponsor - YES Bank organizes different contests each year. Participate in them, and if you are lucky, you might win a gift.

3> Look out for Social Media Trends

Every wondered what rocks on Facebook and Twitter during IPL? Probably, its Virat’s Kohli aggressive look or Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s leadership. IPL will see several social media trends and hashtags going viral. Be a part in it and get noticed among millions.

4> After-Parties

IPL and parties go hand-in-hand. So be a part of some of the happening events and parties related to IPL. From booze to delicious cuisines, venues have every special item on the list to indulge yourself into.

5> Keep a Tab on celeb Gossip

Cricketers are new-age celebrities. Having stated this, it’s time to look for different news and celeb-talks related to your favourite cricket star. During IPL, your newsfeed reader will be populated with many.