Riley Briggs 7e


In these first few lessons we have learnt how to edit photos, publish photos, create a website and lots more! We found some pictures on the internet representing one of our school values. I chose safety. once we got pictures we went onto pixlr and edited our photos. We then created a website on and published them. Here are some of my photos.

This picture shows safety because bob the builder is wearing protective clothes. He is wearing boots, long shirt and hard hat.

When i edited this photo is used stickers, Text, Space overlay and smoke.

This is my edited photo of bob the builder. I used some stickers to put on his fade, enlarged his nose, changed the colour and added some text.

In this photo the man is getting surgery. He is brave, safe with the doctors and the doctors are using teamwork to operate on him.

With this photo i used lots of different things to edit it. For the border I put a splashed one. I put some fireworks on the picture and focused it on the one person.

This picture shows warning signs to stop people hurting themselves. this keeps people safe.

In this photo I used blur, Old, And a ripped dirty boarder.

This picture represents safety with the man and his harness. If there were no harnesses created it wouldn't be safe.

I edited this photo using a chem burn, Fireworks, blur and lots more!

This is my collage with all 4 of my edited photos.

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