Inventory Page Release

Double Blah!

Rules of Engagment

  1. Don't worry about small UI tweaks like spacing, color, controles jumping, etc. We'll tackle polishing the entire app at the end
  2. Matt will take all feedback and relay to the dev team
  3. Looking for bugs & functionality issue.


  1. Currently snapshot data for channels & tags are only agged through July 19th (use custom dates)
  2. Current snaphot data is inaccurate becuase of known bugs in data aggs
  3. Created & updating appnexus objects only change it on our database. It will not create or update the object in appnexus


  1. Searching only searches the name currently. This will include id in the future


  1. Are there any required fields in the P2 UI that are not required for Appnexus on Channel & Tags?


Below are specific items to ensure we cover in QA

  1. Channels & Tags are displayed correctly
  2. Search works correctly
  3. You can create & edit Channel (local only not in Appnexus)
  4. You can create & edit a Tag (local only not in Appnexus)

NOTE!: Snapshot data is not accurate - do not test this

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