Welcome to the Piedmont Region

By Keshav Laul and Riley Ballard

The Piedmont region is the perfect place to go whether you are a tourist or a business. The Piedmont region is a fantastic place because of all of its glory.

Why You Should Come

For people wanting entertainment or businesses wanting to relocate there are plenty of sports stadiums so people can watch the game and businesses can advertise or be in the stadium. the people at the game and people watching it at home will see your advertisement  so you will have a lot of viewers. There is also teams needing sponsors so businesses can sponsor teams.

Attractions for Tourists

There are many places that tourists can go to. For example the World of Coke,and the Georgia Aquarium.

Facts About the Region

In the Piedmont there are lots of trees so logging companies might be interested in that. there are cities with economic activities such as: industries and manufacturing.

There is the Chattahoochee river which is a primary water source.

in the Piedmont you will also see rounded hills. The region is not known to be flat, it is hilly.

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