Using Social Media to Increase Your PLN and Find Resources

Twitter Basics

Be sure to use your school email account when you create this account in order to keep it separate from your personal account (if you already have one). Also, make sure students do the same for the same reason.

Following People and Groups

While Twitter is full of people talking about their vacations and other random thoughts, it is also full of well-known people and companies sharing their educational expertise and resources. Start by following one individual/group and see who they follow- your PLN and resources will grow from there.

Twitter Chats

Consider joining a Twitter Chat to discuss specific topics and trends in education! I recommend you use the TweetDeck extension in order to make it easier to follow the conversation. Include the chat specific hashtag in your responses in order to make sure your comments are visible to all of those following the chat!

Click on the link below in order to create an account using your school email. Just like your new twitter account, this one will be used for curating and collecting boards specific to education. Leave the recipes and decoration tips for your personal account :)

Following Boards

Much like Twitter, you have the opportunity to follow people and boards. Check out the board linked below and consider following either the creator of the board or the board itself.  You can click on the individual pins in order to find even more resources and information.

Pinterest for Educators

Below is a list of suggestions for ways that teachers can use Pinterest education.

Pin It While Surfing

This Chrome extension allows you to add specific images as well as pages to boards while surfing the web.