Social Media Feedback Should Be Collected From Multiple Sources

Some people assume that social media feedback mostly comes from comments left by customers on a company's social media profile page. The reality is that a large number of comments from consumers are posted on sites that have no affiliation to a business, such as forums and review sites. This data is just as important as feedback left on a company's social media profile because it helps a business understand people's wants and expectations as well as being able to influence other consumers.

While aggregating data from a number of sites may be challenging for businesses, customer experience management companies can streamline this process. ServiceCheck, a leader in the industry, provides SocialLink, a program that collects feedback from a variety of sources and provides the information to businesses. The information collected by SocialLink is accessible to companies in real-time through web reporting, so businesses are able to act on feedback immediately.

There are several benefits of collecting customer comments from diverse sources, including that collecting feedback from a variety of sites ensures the most accurate picture of people's impression of a business. Additionally, knowing about negative customer feedback allows a business to respond to it, and knowledge of positive customer feedback allows it to be highlighted.

In addition to helping steer a company in the right direction, being made aware of negative feedback gives a company a retention opportunity they may not have had otherwise. Many people do not complain to a company but they will share their feelings online. Businesses that are made aware of these problems through SocialLink can respond to negative feedback, which may reduce its negative impact as well as possibly opening up communications with an unhappy customer. Furthermore, positive feedback collected by SocialLink can be used in online marketing campaigns and on websites as an incentive for someone to buy a product or service.

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