The Effect Of Social Media

Internet Taking Over Teen's Lives
By: Nour E. and Hanaa,

Technology has become the prime pastime in the lives of today's youth. From toy trains and jump ropes to smartphones, tablets and laptops. This new technology brings with it social platforms, meant to be used to connect with family and friends. But now social media is quickly becoming an addictive distraction. Recent studies have shown that at least 94% of teenagers use social media on a daily basis. Our eyes have become glued to the pulsating light of our phone/computer screen for hours. Now, our overuse of social media has become a problem, affecting our sleeping habits, and not in a good way. The bright light affects the time we take to fall asleep, our willingness to scroll down infinitely affecting the time we fall asleep and our overuse in general affecting our perception of time and how many hours we sleep for.

Our group decided to see how amount of time spent on social media (among other factors) affected high school students hours of sleep (among other habits).  We surveyed students ages 13-15 on things like hours spent on social media, most used social media platform, number of accounts associated with social media, time they spent sleeping, what time they went to sleep, etc.  

The graph above shows our data from those we surveyed on hours spent online a day. The graph is pretty spread out. Another graph is hours of sleep on school days. There is more data on the 6-8 hours side.

This last graph, is comparing hours spent online and hours slept. The correlation coefficient was low for every type of graph, so we chose the linear graph because we know it was the best way to represent the data. People who spent more time online got a few hours less of sleep, for the most part and people who spent less time online, got a few more hours of sleep overall. This shows how time spent online does have an effect on hours of sleep. Teens should be getting at least 8 1/2 - 9 1/2 hours. Only one person slept at least 8 1/2 hours. Of course, there are other factors that come in as to why we sleep the hours we do, but this data is focusing on hours spent online. So next time you think about putting off sleep to spend more time online, put your phone down and sleep. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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