Tips for Batting

1. When you swing make sure your hands are in a tomahawk position (hands are pointing at the pitcher).

2. Your feet should be shoulder length a part.

3. If you have fast pitcher, stay back in the batters box. If she/he is not scoot up a little in the box.

Tips for Pitching

1. Have your fingers around the seems on the ball.

2. Once on the plate, have one of your heels on the edge while the other foot has toes on the plate.

3. Straiten your shoulders the whole time like china plates are on your shoulders.

Tips for Third Base

1. This is the most important: PAY ATTENTION!

2. Be ready to go to your base if a runner is on second.

3. Have your feet parallel to each other and shoulder length a part and your gloves infront of you so it makes a triangle.

Tips for Bunting

1.Bend your knees to get the ball.

2.Twist your foot or pivot when you get ready

3.You should be in the front of the batters box.