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Real Number System

The real number system is used all the time in softball. You use it when you time the pitch to swing. You also use it time the pitch if you're pitching. Timing is a key element when you play softball. Real numbers involved with softball can be the score, time left in the game, how long it takes to run the bases, etc.


The following video shows how you can angle your bat to get the most power and accuracy when you bunt:

In the above photo, you can see how left-handed batters, like me, slap-hit. They angle the bat and run forward to get their momentum going. They usually only bring their bat halfway instead of swinging all the way through.


Rotations are used a lot with softball pitching, fielding, and hitting.

The following video is of Jennie Finch showing basic mechanics for pitching. As you may notice, she rotates her arm forward through every pitch. The rotation is one of the most important concepts when you pitch. The rotation is what gets your speed up and the rotation of your wrist is what helps you get quick speed with accuracy.

When you run the bases, you have to turn corners. Turning corners is basically dropping your outside shoulder and turning your body to get around the bases faster. You also have to rotate your body forward to continue your momentum. If you don't keep your body in a forward momentum, you may not get the speed to slide or the speed to even make it to the base.

Scatter plots and two way tables

You can use scatter plots and two way tables in a variety of ways. You can use them to track the number of pitches you throw; and whether or not they're strikes or balls. You can use a scatter plot to determine your heart rate, your speed, and your batting average. Charts like scatter plots and two way tables can help you work on your skills because they show your progress. They also make equipment that can track your progress using bands, bracelets, etc.


You can use a scatter plot to document the number of pitches you've thrown. It can tell the number of strikes you've thrown. It can also tell you the number of balls thrown. Scatter plots can tell a pitcher a lot about how they've pitched. Check the following image to see how you would use a scatter plot for tracking home runs and such.

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