Relationship to the Earth

 I see the earth as incredibly beautiful - it is tremendous, terrifying, and dangerous, yes, but it is also the breathtakingly tiny edelweiss flower on the Alps, the clean untouched snow on pine trees, the adorable crown of mushrooms in the grass, and gorgeous beaches like this one. I feel joyous when I perceive nature's beauty, but I am also sorrowful and guilty that such beauty is becoming more and more rare as we take the earth's resources to improve our own lives.

I believe that everything in nature is interconnected. For instance, in ECJ California, we visited many farms, like this dried herb gardens. Despite the overwhelming propaganda that humans are the alpha and and the omega, we need the earth and its inhabitants to survive. I have faith that the earth will provide well for my life, and I hope to  protect it in turn.

During ECJ California, we were truly able to take a step back and admire the beauty of nature during a kayaking expedition.

Relationship to the Earth Part II

The experience of hiking around Canada's Lake Lewis allowed me to understand how beautiful the earth was and how it was our responsibility to maintain this beauty instead of destroy it for our own good.

My parents and grandparents have always been nature-friendly, taking us on countless camping trips and vacations to truly understand the incredible views of the earth. My family taught me to value and care for the earth and to appreciate and strive to support its beauty.

Living in California, the environmentalist, tree-hugger state, made me a lot more active in making the earth green.

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