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Launching in US Retail this Spring

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All you need to BBQ this summer is a little bit of sun. SolSource reaches 550 F and can cook a 6” steak within minutes. First developed to combat fuel scarcity and household air pollution in the Himalayas, SolSource is now enjoyed by customers in 18 countries. This rugged, high-performance solar grill directly harnesses solar energy at nearly 90% efficiency to cook fast, healthy, and low-hassle meals for the whole family with zero emissions. If you live in California, you can get hands-on with SolSource at the Real Goods Store in Hopland, CA. One Earth Designs’ CEO, Scot Frank, announced the collaboration by saying, “We can’t think of a better partner for our launch in California. We have HUGE admiration for Real Goods’ long-term work to help people live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle”.

                     SolSource is also available for $399 from


One Earth Designs began seven years ago in a humble home in the Himalayas when a chemistry student from Wellesley College and an electrical engineer from MIT helped a local family to measure the air pollution inside their home. They found that the air this family was breathing was 10 times more polluted than the air in Beijing. When they looked into the matter further, they learned that4 million people around the world were dying every year from exposure to stove smoke inside their homes. Motivated by both the personal desire to live a healthier life and the desire to help others in a similar situation, they founded One Earth Designs and embarked on a mission to bring zero-emissions cooking to the three billion people who lack access to clean fuel. After seven years of building and testing more than 50 design variants of clean cookstoves, they developed SolSource, the world’s most efficient solar stove.


SolSource is an awesome cooking machine! Powerful, durable, and versatile, SolSource gives people the ability to cook anything using just the sun.

People in the Himalayas loved SolSource. Men were coming home early from herding and farming to show-off SolSource to their friends and women were gossiping about their latest SolSource recipes with other women while collecting water. Because SolSource reaches high temperatures quickly, people were able to cook the full range of local foods from stir-fry, to baking, to boiling water for noodles, sometimes even faster than with their traditional stoves.

SolSource reduced wood consumption by up to 70% and saved families who otherwise used coal, gas, or electricity up to 50 USD per month. In addition, SolSource saved over 50,000 working days for women in 2013 out of time that they would otherwise have spent collecting fuel.


Despite the amazing customer response to SolSource, we faced a big challenge. The extreme cold temperatures in the Himalayas required the use of costly, high-grade materials. While some families were able to earn back the cost of the product in 3-9 months due to fuel savings, for others, the up-front cost was simply beyond their reach.

Piloting a New Market

In order to solve this problem, we decided to make SolSource available globally and invite our customers to help us get this product to people in need. We ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 during which we raised 330% of our campaign goal. After delivering to customers, we received an amazing flood of positive feedback including 5 star ratings on Amazon and Google Glass videos of customers cooking on SolSource. One customer from Australia even called us to exclaim, “SolSource is bloody fast!”

People from 18 different countries ordered SolSource and retailers from numerous countries began contacting us to get SolSource into their stores.

Call to Action

We spent years living and migrating with nomads on the Himalayan Plateau designing a way into a better energy future for all. Now, we need your help to make that future come true. When customers buy SolSource, they only decrease their own carbon footprint, but they also help us get SolSource to people who face death and disease every day due to lack of access to clean energy. We are asking for your help to chart the way into a cleaner energy future for all by spreading the word about SolSource to potential customers and supporters in your area.

Pain Points Solved by SolSource

1) Grilling enthusiasts can go zero-emissions

Whereas your charcoal grill produces 10x more carbon emissions and your gas grill produces 3x more carbon emissions compared with your indoor stove, SolSource produces zero. BBQ guilt free with this cutting-edge new solar grill.

2) No more heat in the kitchen

Tired of the entire house getting unbearably hot just because you cooked dinner? SolSource uses that blistering sun to cook your food while keeping your house nice and cool.

3) Healthy Meals

No need to worry about gas and charcoal fumes reacting with your food to create carcinogenic particles. SolSource provides you with healthy home-cooked solar meals the way nature intended.

4) Solar you can share

Did you just install $20,000 worth of solar panels just to have them disappear onto your roof where no one can see them? SolSource gives you a fun and delicious way to share solar with your friends and family. It even gives you a hands-on way of teaching kids about physics and math.

5) Energy autonomy

Tired of having to run to the store for fuel? Want to be totally self-sufficient? All SolSource needs to operate is a little bit of sun.

6) No Hassle

No more post-BBQ mess! Get SolSource's removable grill for easy clean up and all you need is a quick wipe down with a sponge or a spray with the garden hose.

7) Healthy You, Healthy Planet

SolSource gives you an excuse to spend time in nature with your friends and family. Make your backyard a focal point for your family, integrate SolSource into your organic herb garden, and enjoy the benefits of healthy and planet-smart living.

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