Some Facts About Abayas and Jilbabs

Earlier, Islamic outfits were seen only as a symbol of tradition among Muslims. However, the latest fashion trends have made these dresses much more appealing. Not only are these dresses worn on multiple occasions, but also there are numerous styles of wearing them. For instance, an abaya alone can be worn in more than three different styles. Furthermore, designers have also introduced kaftan abayas which feature butterfly sleeves.

Among Muslim women, abayas and jilbabs are some of the most commonly worn outfits. Offering full coverage, these dresses are considered as a veil for a woman to hide her body from others. According to the religious principles, women should primarily wear these dresses, particularly in the presence of men. Conforming to the rules of Islamic clothing, abayas and jilbabs symbolize privacy, modesty, morality of Muslim women. With a large number of websites selling Islamic outfits, it is quite simple for one to buy abayas and jilbabs online.

Although these two dresses are slightly similar, there are some differences between the two as well.

Features of Abayas:

-A long cloak or robe is the most apt description for an abaya. Muslim women mostly choose a dark color for this dress as they are not allowed to wear outfits having bright colors.

-Abaya is usually worn over another dress and provides full body coverage. The hood may or may not be included in an abaya.

-Abayas are loose dresses. Some of these are designed from a material having multiple layers. Such an abaya is thick and thus meets one of the important requirements of Islamic clothing......

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