The Somme

December 1st, 1916

Dear Mary,

I've decided to leave the army due to my horrible experience with this bloody war. I just can't allow myself to fight for England knowing that it's army is led by such a heartless man. I will be home before December 25th. Tell Johnny and Lucy that their father is coming home for Christmas.

The battle of the Somme took place north of the River Somme in France from July 1st to mid November (Roy, Foot). Most of the allied troops were British, French and Canadian (Roy, Foot).  Tanks were used for the first time in this battle (Larkin, Matresky). Although they weren't equipped with weapons, they did manage to scare German troops (Larkin, Matresky). It was an allied offense against the German defense (Quinlan, Baldwin, Mahoney, Reed). This battle was suppose to destroy German lines to quickly end the war (Quinlan, Baldwin, Mahoney, Reed). But resulted in 623 907 allied deaths and 660 000 German deaths (Roy, Foot). General Haig's plan was to use artillery to wipe out some of the German defenses and then allied men would charge into German territory (Larkin, Matresky). But he didn't expect the artillery to miss by so much (Larkin, Matresky). Many did not hit. A majority landed in no man's land (Larkin, Matresky). Immediately after the bombings, the allies charged into no man's land (Larkin, Matresky). But because of the artillery fire, German soldiers knew that they were coming (Larkin, Matresky). They were being mowed down by enemy machine guns (Larkin, Matresky). General Haig found out that many of the artillery missed, yet he still ordered the allied soldiers to march on for patriotism (Larkin, Matresky). There was no clear victor in this battle since both sides lost so many lives. This battle should be a lesson for the allied forces on what to do differently in future battles of this war.

General Haig is a disgrace to humanity. He sacrificed lives for no legitimate reason. This man should be arrested and imprisoned. I look forward to resuming our normal lives with the children again.

Yours truly,


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Men climbing "over the top" into battle. World War 1 Trenches. 1916.

Map of the Somme battlefield. Battle of the Somme (July-Nov 1916). 1916.


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