Campbell's Go

Mmm... Mmm... Good

tumblr.... Nuff said!

A cool page that gives you fun gifs, nutritional information and a an idiots guide to soup making

Oh Yeah! Facebook time!

Music videos, pictures and tons of awesome photos!!

Buzzfeed is awesome!

Want to know what kind of soup you are? Be blown away by spoons you gotta have? Maybe learn about 11 things to do in a photo booth? Click... wait what?

And a Spotify playlist too!!

Choose songs that express your feeling about the Go soup you are eating and unlock the soups full playlist. Oh yeah, you also get coupons as well!

It's Twitter!

140 characters of soup awesomeness, dispensed daily!

Did I not mention Angry Birds?

They were a launch sponsor for Angry Birds: Star Wars. Campbell's Go Facebook page gave you game tips and character reveals.

Communal tables...... Say what?

Did you say K-Cups?

If soup in a pouch doesn't sound appealing, try soup in a K-cup!  These things are real and are they hope to make them the next big thing. Totally off topic but just thought I'd show ya!

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