Kabbalistic Energetic Healing
Nechama Naveh

Source of Healing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kabbalistic Energetic Healing?

Kabbalistic Energetic Healing is a uniquely Jewish approach to energetic healing that utilizes various methods of facilitating the Divine Flow compatible with the ancient Kabbalistic mystical traditions.

What is Source of Healing?

Source of Healing is the name of the modality that I have developed over the years. After being trained in several energetic modalities, including Reiki and a Chinese energetic medicine based modality, I found that I could not go deeply into any of them without experiencing a spiritual/energetic conflict due to my personal beliefs. After delving into the subject of Kabbalah and Jewish Healing I realized that I needed to approach my internal balancing work from a place of Tiferet and focus my energetics on facilitating the Divine Flow and attuning the sefirot. The title, “Source of Healing”, simultaneously emphasizes the need to deal with the fundamental cause or source of an illness while acknowledging that true healing ultimately comes from the Source of all life. My work combines the practical and theoretical skills that I have acquired through study and practice with the intuitive gifts that I have been blessed with. I offer distance healing sessions as well as sessions on the island of Maui.