Five South Africans Finalists For One-Way Trip To Mars

Five South Africans have made it on to the shortlist of 100 candidates being considered for the Mars One space program.

In the astronaut selection process for selecting the few who will go to Mars, there are 100 left after the third round. Currently, there are 39 candidates are from the Americas, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, seven from Africa, seven from Oceania. Five of the African candidates are South Africans. Two of these candidates are female. The South Africans have survived being eliminated from the initial 202,586 Mars One applicants. Only 24 will be selected to make their one-way trip to Mars in 2024. The five South Africans are:

  • Divashen Govender, 23. He is a science student at the University of KwaZulu Natal.
  • Edwin Samuel le Grange, 21. A nature lover, le Grange lives in Ellisras.
  • Kobus Verneulen, 31. This Pretoria resident describes himself as a business intelligence developer.
  • Adriana Rose Marais, 31. Marais, who lives in Durban, is theoretical physicist, specializing in quantum biology.
  • Alexandria Doyle, 29. A law graduate, Doyle is currently living in the UK.

The candidates were selected after participating in online interviews with Norbert Kraft, Mars One's chief medical officer.

"This mission to Mars is the single most amazing thing I have ever heard of. It makes me kind of glad to be a human being," Alexandra Doyle stated in her interview.

We wish them luck on being selected to go on the voyage to Mars in 2024.