SouthEnd Dentistry - New Service in an Old Neighborhood

Dr. Bradford Picot wanted to base his new dentist’s office in a historic part of Charlotte, a city the Ohio transplant has fallen in love with over the past several years. After he completed his general practice residency in South Carolina, he returned to North Carolina, where he attended the University of North Carolina for his undergraduate degree as well as his dentistry degree.

Dr. Picot chose Charlotte as his location because of its deep history and its welcoming community. Rather than attempt to infuse a neighborhood with character, Dr. Picot could simply add to the community’s well-established sense of belonging and friendly atmosphere. Choosing to open SouthEnd Dentistry in such a welcoming neighborhood was a conscious one meant to add to an already vibrant community.

SouthEnd Dentistry provides all of its patients with conservative dentistry meant to avoid “looking like dentistry.” Dr. Picot believes in restoring patients to their best dental situation rather than add on many unneeded services and work. At SouthEnd, the goal is to restore smiles, not mar them with unneeded, noticeable dental work. This allows patients to save time and money while they receive as much work as they need to have healthy teeth and gums.

SouthEnd Dentistry ensures that all patients get the services they need and none they don’t need. Dr. Picot always opts for the least invasive option for all dental hygiene issues whenever possible. Dr. Picot and his staff understand the stress and anxiety that most people feel when they walk into a dentist’s office. This is why they designed their service to keep them in the loop and happy with their treatment at all times.

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