SouthEnd Dentistry - Preserving Smiles

Dr. Bradford Picot, the founder of SouthEnd Dentistry in historic Charlotte, North Carolina, believes in conservative dentistry. This means that he works to preserve his patients’ smiles by trying to preserve as much of their tooth structure as possible. Rather than prescribing treatments that take out large amounts of tooth structure for the sake of cumbersome structural inlays, Dr. Picot opts for a more natural approach. He knows that the more tooth structure is left after treatment, the longer that treatment will last. This cuts down on revisits and complications, which cuts down on patient stress, inconvenience, and cost.

Everyone at SouthEnd Dentistry is committed to creating a supportive, relaxing environment for all of their patients. Each treatment plan is carefully tracked and gone over with the patient before implementation to ensure that each patient is comfortable and confident in the plan of action that Dr. Picot and his team have crafted for them. By bringing the patient in on the treatment plan development process, Dr. Picot and company can gage how successful a particular course of action can be. The team at SouthEnd Dentistry creates a convenient system for patients and Dr. Picot so that all treatments work efficiently and stress-free.

SouthEnd Dentistry preserves smiles through thoughtful patient care and excellent dental work from its founder, Dr. Bradford Picot. As its practice area has grown, and more patients have sought them out for their excellent work, conservative dentistry has become more popular in Charlotte for SouthEnd’s patients. They are proud to be located in the historic South End district of Charlotte, minutes from Uptown.

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