American Forest #ecosys6


Animals: White-tailed Deer, brown bears, American bald eagle, Red Cardinal

plants: pecan tree, white oak, white birch


rocks: makes up some of the ground

Soil: holds plant seeds for them to grow

Carrying Capacity                 

The maximum population of the species that the environment can sustain, given food, habitat, and water

The carrying capacity for organisms in my ecosystem is food, water, shelter,

The population of white-tailed deer in the U.S. as increased 4-10 times in 300 years. The reason is that their aren't as many wolves to keep the population down

Limiting factors

Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and droughts

Wolves and deer, limiting factors have decreased the population of wolves, because of that the deer population is overpopulated

Energy Roles

Roles that each plant or animal play in a food web or food chain. Deer, elk, bears, wolves, mushrooms.

Sun- grass- deer- wolf

producers provide energy to animals and that keeps the ecosystem running.

Food chains/food webs

A food web is more realistic because it shows all the possibilities of predator vs prey

If you remove the gray wolf, the coyote population will grow and overpopulate.

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids

It's a pyramid because it gets smaller the way up and that represents the energy flow.

Producers have the most energy so the section is bigger, predators have less energy so their section is smaller.


CO2, h2o, c6h12o6, o2

Radiant energy, water,

oxygen, glucose

Photosynthesis happens in the chloroplast. The chloroplast holds chlorphyll.


A directional movement that responds to a stimulus.

Phototropism helps the plant get more light, this helps it grow and survive.

The Role Of Decomposers

Decomposers are vital because without them there wouldn't be a way to get nuitrients back to the soil and plants wouldn't be able to grow.

Mushrooms, slugs


Adaptions are important because adaptions will help you thrive as an animal or plant. Some adaptions are that humans have a thumb, and cats have claws to climb and fight.

Bears would need to to black or brown to blend in with trees.

If you place a brown bear in Antartica the fur color we be noticable, and they'd be bad hunters and evuntally die out.

Natural selection

The process of traits changing over time, it's important because it could turn a speicies from almost dying out to be on top of the food chain.

Deer have become faster overtime, because wolves were getting overpopulated. The deers' speed now helps them get through the terrain.

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