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Martin Luther King Jr. Had many qualities. He made it possible for Mexican,Black,White,people to be in the same places. He never used violence he spoke speeches and lead marches. He is the reason we live in peace.

The first quality was he was courageous. He aroused whites and blacks alike to protest racial discrimination poverty and war. Martin encountered racism at an early age when he was six his friendship with two white playmates was cut short by their parents. When he was eleven a white woman struck him and called him a Ni**er.

The second quality he had was leadership. The next year he held a "nonviolent army" to protest discrimination in Albany, GA. King was jailed in 1963 during a successful campaign to achieve the desegregation of many public facilities in Birmingham AL. In 1965 king led a drive to register black voters in Selma, AL. He lead protest five days from Selma to Montgomery.

the third quality as he was passionate. (1929-68) in spire by the belief that love and peaceful protest could eliminate social in justice Martin Luther King Jr. became one of the outstanding black leaders in the united states. King had been impressed by teachings of Henry David Thoreau.

As you can see Martin Luther King Jr. Had many qualities one of them was he was courageous. The second one was he had leadership. The third one was he was passionate.

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3 years ago

Peace in the world for blacks and whites would make this world a perfect place with no fighting whatever race you are.

3 years ago

Lets hope there will be a day were no fighting and just love appears in the world and its people will understand why man kind was created.