computer graphics
and animation


what we did in session 1 we produce are own stop-motion animation we used a webcam to take picture  

session 2

in session 2 we use a a webcam to take picture of the shape then we used a software apply a morphing effect to the picture.

session 3

we created a jack in the box and we be again creating an animal and we design we put shapes.

session 4

we are finishing the jack and the box we color it and we put more stuff on it like more shapes than we name it.

session 5

we did a logo for session 5 we design our own and we can put what name we want for logo.

session 6

in session 6 we where finishing are logo and when we were done with are logo we made a movie about it and we get to move it and it makes a wave.

session 7

in session 7 we were finishing are logo we were putting color and put what text what we wanted and made as a movie

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