I'm Ready, Spain!

It will be a gain for Spain!

Hola, Señor Charles I of Spain. I am Grace Borchers a fabulous exploer. In 1525, your majesty, I would like to leave on my expedition because in my understanding you need more fuel, riches, money, and power. In 1525, your majesty, I would like to leave on my expedition. I hail from Switzerland, your excellence. Sir, I came to you, the Monarch of Spain, to get good support and a lot of money. Sir, Charles I of Spain, you are the monarch of the country I am wishing to come from. Gold, silver, and other rich, material are the things that I wish to find when I explore. Your majesty, I am trying to find spices, silk, riches, and fuel. Sir, I chose those resources because most people will be looking for those and the fuel is very usable. Especially you will love the silks and riches I bring back. They will make you feel even more excellent then you really are. I am going to go to the Southwestern region. Sir, Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conquistador, sailed from Panama to explore Peru. Peru’s riches, were the resources Francisco was looking for your majesty. Sir, I plan to have peace between us to save money and resources. With the Europeans I plan to not fight and still come in peace, but I feel that we should make a compromise that we can discuss now or later. If I encounter huge storms then I will do my best to keep everything the way it should until the storm blows over. If we encounter enemies I will do my best to make sure we get what we want and they don’t get it. Running out of supplies is not good so if that happens I will make sure that everybody gets what they need when they need it, but no extras.

Grace Borchers~Period 1~Octoer 31, 2014

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