European Exploration

Spain Moving West

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Why Chose Me

    Hello almighty Philip II, I, Geronimo Faramundo, am asking for $40,000 to cross the ocean and conquer land.  I hear you are looking for gold and silver, if you chose to sponsor me I will find huge masses of gold and silver for you to use to your advantage.  If you chose to sponsor me I will claim most of the New World so you can take control of other countries.  When I encounter the Native Americans that other countries seem to be having trouble with, I will make deals and trade to make them pleased and us safe.  But we must not forget the other countries we will come upon.  When we confront these other countries and give them threats.  If they do not stay away we will attack them disguised as Native Americans.

The Spanish Territories

    In the photo above the red land stands for your future Spanish territory.  Choosing me would give you the ability to rule over all of the New World.  The best technology will be produced for a very low price so my crew can make it across the ocean and take control on land.  Although you have already sent many explorers to the New World by now, I will cap off their work by working with all of them to achieve my goal.  Since I am going to use some of the other explorers help I will not need as much money as you might have thought.

What I Will Need
- 3 Boats
- Food
- Weapons/Farming Tools

TOTAL= $40,000

Sponsoring Me Will Be The Best Choice You Will Make!

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