Bringing under control Spain

General culture and Geography


We are Carmela Navarro, Elena Sánchez and MªLuz Rodríguez, students of Bilingual Primary Education degree in the University of Murcia.

Here you will find a fun activity in order to learn more about Spanish general culture and geography.

AGE: 8/9 years old

TOPIC: General culture and geography

SUBJECT: Social sciences


1. REMEMBERING: Find or remember information. They will name the different Autonomous Communities.

2. UNDERSTANDING: Understanding and making sense out of information. Children classify.

3.CREATING: Use the information to create something new. Children invent new stories with the information that we provide them.

4. APPLYING: Demostrating prior knowledge whitin a new situation or solving problems.They illustrate their creation in the applications that teachers suggest them to use.

5. ANALYZING: Take info apart and explore relationships. Pupils contrast their stories each them assessing and sharing information, in order to decide which is the best story, for that they should vote by groups of five people providing stickers.


To improve students’ level of knowledge in basic subjects.

To establish a clear system of progress indicators according to educational objectives,

To generalise and spread the use of ICT within education.

To improve foreign languages learning.

This activity would start with the presentation of the activity through the video (made BY using Movie Maker,) of the three witches where they explain that they had destroyed themap of Spain and they need the students’ help in order to remake it. Then the witches explain that they can do that using different applications; (thinglink or puppet pals 2). With the first one application they have to complete the map of Spain including the different Autonomous Communities, rivers, mountains, important structures, buildings, sculptures… With the second one, “Puppet pals 2” they have to do a creative dialogue because they will have to interpret the voice of each character (as many as they want) and move them.

This activity spend 8 sessions, in the first one, teachers will explain the activity with the video of the three witches, with this video we pretend to motivate students in order to make the activity funnier and more interactive and showing them the information that we have shared in thinglink, in the second one, pupils start to familiarize with the activity and they also start to look for information (it will occupies another session), in the fourth the teacher supervise the way to focus the activity of the children, in the fifth and sixth sessions they would correct their work improving it, in the seventh they could prepare the exposition and in the finally session they would have to show their activity to the class.

According "Thinglink" children will see the different information about the Spanish Map while they interact with technology. This information will be used in order to do the activity. Here you are an example about the Region of Murcia.

In the same day, they have to co-evaluate to each of them with a funny game, they will have to share out the different stickers which according to the level will have different colour that teachers provide them in order to make them participants of the evaluation, taking into account the originality. Meanwhile teachers also evaluate the expositions, taking into account the originality, the expression of the speech, the fluency, the use of the applications…

If you do not know how to use the different applications here you are tutorials about them.



Mike Oberdick


Sarah Annes




In order to do this activity we have used differente resources and tools.

- Customs

- Saucepan

- Videocamera

- Computers

- Tablets

- iPad

- Speakers

This activity has been made by:

Carmela Navarro Artés

María Luz Rodríguez Gambín

Elena Sánchez Valverde



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