What Is The Difference Between A Sparkling Wine And Champagne?

Special occasions are usually marked by the 'pop-pop-pop' sound of sparkling wine bottles being opened to celebrate the event. A question that often come up in these days is this: what is the difference between a sparkling wine and a champagne?

Simply said, a sparkling wine should only be called Champagne if it produced in the region of Champagne, France. Period. However, there are some sparkling wine producers that still attach the word Champagne to their products.

In other words, not all sparkling wine is Champagne but all Champagne is sparkling wine. Get it? If not here is a deeper sparkling wine education.

To make sparkling wine, wine producers use the simple formula for fermentation: yeast + sugar = alcohol and CO2, and do not allow the resulting gas to scape. When wines are fermented in a closed or sealed environment, the CO2 returns into the wine, and are released in the form of tiny bubbles when the bottle is opened.

The region of Champagne is known to produce some of the best sparkling wines in the world. In order to keep the quality of all Champagne and thus maintain its reputation as the best sparkling wine, a set of strict regulations has been created by the Comite Interprofessional du vin de Champagne. To receive the Champagne name, the wine must adhere to the regulations.

You may be wondering what makes Champagne distinctive?

To produce Champagne, wine makers use the 'Methode Champenoise' process, which is in part responsible for Champagne higher prices. This process lead a unique taste to the Champagne. Although other winemakers around the world also use this method when producing their sparkling wines, the soil and climate in their region are known to cause the difference in taste.

Sparkling wine around the word.

Great sparkling wines are produce all over the world, and each of them has their own unique taste. Like for example, Spain produces sparkling wines (Cava) using the same method as Champagne, but its different soil and climate give the wine a different character. Australia also produce a great variety of sparkling wines.

Where to find the best Australian Sparkling wine?

To taste some of the best Australian sparkling wine bottles, visit the Australian Sparkling Wine Show this year. The show happens in Marysville, Victoria, and is the only dedicated sparkling wine show in Australia.

The show counts with the presence of sparkling wine producer from all over Australia. That means that there, you will not only be able to taste the best Australian sparkling wine bottles, but also learn a little about the various wine regions in Australia. The show happens from 20th to 22nd October 2015.

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