Appearance VS. Reality

Above is the image of what people think Boo is when in reality he is the bottom picture, a much saner, albeit i bit awkward, person.

In To Kill a Mockingbird, both Boo and Tom are represented as "bad" or "guilty" and judged by all with extreme prejudice although both men are not and were not "evil", as the townspeople treated them to be.

Boo Radley was a mockingbird with blood and shame spilled onto him through no fault of his own. He was white, as opposed to Tom, yet why didn't this help him? Prejudice, especially during the time and setting of To Kill a Mockingbird, knew no bounds. Bottom line was that if you are "different" or "weird" you WILL get judged and treated unequally.

Tom Robinson was a young black man that was accused, sent to trial, and ultimately killed because he had "raped" a white woman. The woman in question had actually initiated a kiss between the two and later lied and accused of him of rape. The jury was unrelenting and the reason why was obvious. Tom was not white, ergo he was to be treated with extreme prejudice. A poor mockingbird killed at the hand of human evil and ignorance.

The picture shows how appearances can lie. One cannot see what a person truly is based on their appearance or made up stories.


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