Conscious Unity Revitalizing Energy
By Ronnie C. Wright


Conscious Unity Revitalizing Energy

By Ronnie C. Wright

While sitting in a taxi cab moving in and around Du Pont Circle in Washington DC, to visit my girlfriend who was in law school at the time, my African driver turned back to me, smiled and asked, "Friend how do you stay so cool and calm?"

"My friend," I replied. "It's a practice I invented called'123 ABC CURE' short for:'Conscious.Unity.Revitalizing.Energy.' It's designed to connect your mind, body & spirit in unity as one to increase 'ABC' - awareness, balance & conditioning for strength to [change] > creating habits around new growth everyday."

A little stress is good because it is a [test] >thoughtfully examining strength today. However, on the other hand - too much stress can breakdown valuable cells. Without cells your battery dies.

123 ABC CURE recharges your battery! for needed energy to perform routinely and to achieve your goals.

1. [(A)CT] > Activate Conscious Thinking...(Action)
2. [(B)E] > Breathe Effectively...(Barometer)
3. [(C)ARE] > Consciously Activate Revitalizing Energy...(Process)

1. Sit or stretch out comfortably with eyes close...
2. Breathe deeply
3. Visualize [peace] > producing expansion around conscious energy.

This practice is truly about [choice] > creating habits offering inner conscious energy.
Over time you will begin to [see] > spiritually expanding energy linked to personal [health] > happily expanding active lifestyle through habits.

Stayfine My Friends,

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Note: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dupont_Circle

Ronnie C. Wright is an author of 18 books including the Stayfine Diet; first person to record a 100 mile solo walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai; President of the Stayfine Fine Fitness Foundation and CEO of Stayfine Corp.