Garrett Berg

Sports and Entertainment final

Movie trailer evaluation

The clips of the movie are all spread out. In a good movie trailer it shows only parts from the beginning of the movie. I think that this trailer does a great job of mixing in clips that will appeal to the audience. This movie trailer shows some very funny clips from the movie. This movie does not really have a plot line except to make people laugh. So there is no way the movie trailer can tease the plot line if there is no plot line. Just a little bit of the climax is in the movie. It gives you and idea of what its about. This movie is definetly a comedy and i think the trailer does a great job of showing that.

Movie Poster

This movie poster is a very good poster. To me the best part of the poster is how attention getting it is. It is a very large image, which is attention getting. Also there is a lot going on in the picture so it really makes you think about what is going on. The poster gives you some idea of what is going on, to me it looks like they might be in the CIA or something and that they might be on a serious mission or something like that. It also tells me what kind of movie it is as well, it tells me that it will be an action packed movie just due to seeing the guns in the poster. This poster is very intriguing and makes me want to go to the theaters to see it.

Amusement/Theme Parks: Different Prices for Different Days

In the summer would be the most expensive time frame for amusement parks like valleyfair. I would have it be most expensive because a lot of teens are on summer break and want to go somewhere fun. I would charge a higher rate on friday and saturday because that is the start of the weekend and everyone has work off and is looking for something to do. On days during the week i would also have special promotions like, on wednesday you can get a pass to get into the park and for 5 extra dollars get a speed pass which lets you get to the front of the line. When normally the speed pass would be like say 20 dollars, but only on wednesday can you do that so you can attract more customers on days that you are normally slower.

Amusement/Theme parks: KE

Amusement parks key to success is giving the customers a great, fun experience so they come back. Some of the ways they do that is by using different pricing strategies. Like I stated above they charge more on premium days, which is in the summer on a friday or saturday. Another way they can make money on you and attract people is by having low at the door charges, and then charging very high costs on all the stuff in the inside, like food and merchandise. That way they attract a lot of people and it sounds cheap, but who really goes to a amusement park and doesn't buy any food or drinks there. They could also charge some money to go on some of the ride. like a dollar per ride, so that way they just nickle and dime the customers to spending all of their money. I know in disney land they have your credit card on your wrist in wrist band for so that way you can just scan the wrist band and pay for something. That way it feels easier to the customers to pay for it, because all they have to do is just scan their wrist. That is a great way to get people to buy more stuff.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

The distribution of the movie is the most important part. How and where you are going to see the movie will influence the amount of people that see it. If you can see a movie on netflix why would you go pay money to see the movie in theaters. My second strategy is to make a lot of merchandise. Merchandise is like free advertisement because if you see famous people or just a lot of people wearing the movies shirt it will make other people want to go out and see the movie. And my final stratagie after the movie is out of theaters, to put the movie on netflix and hulu and stuff like that so people still can watch the movie even after it is out of theaters.

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